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Born to be Big Multiplayer

Born to be Big Multiplayer

Gobble down your friend or your colleague! There's a unique chance to enter a virtual fight and know what it feels like to be a murderous fish! It's a fantastic multiplayer game. Each player is represented as a small fish in the vast expanses of ...

Freeware  2,850k 1723 MyPlayCity com
Crazy Fishing Multiplayer

Crazy Fishing Multiplayer

Compete with your friends or colleagues - fantastic multiplayer game! Take a role of a fisherman in the game "Crazy Fishing Multiplayer ". The ocean swarms with various underwater creatures, including small fish and large sharks. Your objective is to catch as much fish as ...

Freeware  2,380k 1891 MyPlayCity com
Multiplayer Rummy

Multiplayer Rummy

Be the fastest one to abandon all your cards among the players, and the trophy shall be yours. Multiplayer Rummy is a classic card game for 2 to 4 players, using a standard deck of 52 cards.The goal of the game is to be the ...

Freeware  266k 1472 Novel Games Limited
Cats Mah Jong -solitaire and mah jongg multiplayer

Cats Mah Jong -solitaire and mah jongg multiplayer

Cats Mah Jong includes 10 charming tiles (includes cats, Christmas, Halloween, teddy bears) plus cat classical tile for mah jong solitaire or mah jongg against 3 computer opponents. Features: Rotate tiles in solitaire, 150 plus layouts (includes elephant, trains, butterfly, whale), Edit layouts, Create new ...

Demo  6,852k 813 21st Software
Multiplayer Nine Men's Morris

Multiplayer Nine Men's Morris

Defeat your opponent by driving his pieces away in one of the earliest board games in recorded history! Emerged from the Roman Empire, Nine Men's Morris is an indulging game for two players.The board consists of an inner square, a middle square and an outer ...

Freeware  260k 1543 Novel Games Limited

Postal 2 Share The Pain Multiplayer (Full Game)

All the multiplayer Postal 2 action for free. Forget what you know about first person shooters. Walk a week in the Postal Dude?s shoes. Freely explore full 3D open-ended environments, investigate every house and building, but watch out--the occupants may

Freeware  612,280k 576

QuestOnline Cooperative Multiplayer Game

A free cooperative multiplayer puzzle adventure with a 2D topdown view. The main idea is to move around in a level, you are suppose to solve several puzzles. Most puzzles are constructed so they can only be solved by working together (teamwork). To reach

Freeware  893k 456

TurnOnline Multiplayer Card Game

Every player gets 4 cards. At the start of the card game with multiplayer support every player may look at 2 of his cards, the other two cards will remain unknown. After looking the game starts and each player has to make the lowest number ...

Freeware  769k 446

GambleOnline multiplayer dice game

A different kind of dice game, based on gambling. Every player gets unlimited attempts to throw several combinations of dices, which make the game different then the average multiplayer dice game out there. If the player is not able to make any combinatio

Freeware  773k 523

Street Fighter single and multiplayer

A street fighter style MORPG game realized in java. It has single and multiplayer modes witha a database for the registering/logging in-out and statistics. This version of the game doesn't pretend to be the final version distributed to the public.

Freeware  6,111k 379

AMMOSSG (A Multiplayer Game)

Asynchronous Massive Multiplayer Online Side Scrolling Game is a (long-named) project I have started in an effort to make an efficient browser-enabled multiplayer game engine in the style of games such as Ghost Online(r) and Maplestory(r). Cross-BrowserPlay On a Single WebpageNo Extra Page LoadsEfficient Graphic ...

Freeware  118k 261

WCF Multiplayer Quiz

A Multiplayer Quiz Application for Windows. WCF allows communication from the Server to up to 500 clients. The server is a Windows Forms Application, so requires no configuration. Note: .NET 4.0 is required for the server, and .NET 3.5+ for client. Easy to use quiz ...

Freeware  3,617k 527

storyfold - A Multiplayer Story Game

storyfold is a multiplayer storytelling game where real humans start writing a fictional story, but only get a couple lines in before passing the text on to someone else, who continues after reading the last line.

Freeware  15k 280

Bluetooth Multiplayer Games Framework

BlueMGF is a j2me framework to create multiplayer games or applications running on mobile devices via bluetooth. An example of a Tank Combat Game for two players is included.

Freeware  75k 407

Java Multiplayer Network Game

Creating Multiplayer Entertainment/Games (across LAN network) with Java 2 SE Technology and probably using 3rd party framework e.g. GTGE and JGN.

Freeware  389k 352
EverestPoker  Multiplayer online poker

EverestPoker Multiplayer online poker

Welcome to Everest Poker, the first multi-national, multi-lingual poker destination that is dedicated to bringing together poker enthusiasts from all over the world for an exciting global gaming experience. We recognize that the drama and excitement of multi-player poker has world-wide appeal, so we've translated ...

Freeware  148k 1252 CC

Multiplayer Connect Four

In this game there will be a board with holes and you can slide in the pegs. You and your opponent should take turns to slide in your own pegs, the own who connects 4 or more of one?s peg in a straight line wins. ...

Freeware  339k 412

Multiplayer Backgammon

The object of this game is to move all your pegs in the counter clockwise direction until they are all at the lower right region, they can then be removed from the board. The first player to remove all the pegs win.

Freeware  340k 373

Multiplayer Chinese Checkers

This game can be played by 2 to 6 people. A game of 5 people may not be fair, though. The object of this game is to move all your pieces from your base to the base of the player on your opposite side.

Freeware  342k 393

Multiplayer Checkers

This game is played by two people. In this game there will be a board of 8 x 8 squares, the squares will have alternate black and white colors, and each player has 3 rows of pieces put on the black squares. A piece can ...

Freeware  339k 600

Multiplayer Tic Tac Toe

In this game you play Tic Tac Toe with another player. The play area is a grid of 3 x 3 spaces. The players shall take turns to put down their marks on the spaces, if a player can put down his/her marks in a ...

Freeware  338k 683

YetAnother Multiplayer Online Space Game

Yet another space game, written in python with pygame. Focus is on player interaction - mostly trading, and in future maybe also criminality and war.

Freeware  312k 337

Unga Bunga

Unga Bunga is a multiplayer platform/deathmatch hybrid for 1 to 3 players, in which the players run around as club-wielding cavemen in exotic habitats, kill moose and bears to gain technology (which allows them to use better weapons, including spears, traps, firesticks, coals, bow and ...

Shareware  9,823k 1063 Fusion Apple Entertainment


Annoy your opponents and win the game!. Multiplayer Online Boardgame. Up to 4 player can play in a network (TCP/IP) against each other, or stand alone against the computer. Funny pixel graphics, sound, a lot of properties, and high play strength. Excitement and fun for ...

Shareware  864k 1042 Privat
Battle Painters

Battle Painters

Battle Painters is a simple multiplayer action game in which the person who paints the most percentage of the playing field in their color wins the game. You will play against three other players controlled by either the computer or human opponents.

Freeware  930k 1196 JJsoft Games


Quest lets you create sophisticated text-based games, without having to program. You can make text adventures, role-playing games, training materials, simulations, interactive fiction, online multiplayer environments and more. With its easy-to-use visual editor, absolutely no programming is required - everything about your game is displayed ...

Shareware  4,405k 1649 Axe Software


Annoy your opponents and win the game! Multiplayer Online Boardgame. Up to 4 player can play in a network (TCP/IP) against each other, or stand alone against the computer. Funny pixel graphics, sound, a lot of properties, and high play strength. Excitement and fun for ...

Shareware  865k 1014 Privat
AirHockey 3D

AirHockey 3D

AirHockey 3D is a PC simulation of the classic air hockey game with multiplayer support. This game inherits an attractive gameplay of its prototype. Its most distinctive features are realistic physics simulation, smart and active computer opponent, hi-tech 3D graphics and smooth controls. The main ...

Shareware  2,763k 1110 Avalanche Team
Bug Squash

Bug Squash

Can you survive the bug invasion? Will you save the human race from extinction? Take control of your battle paddle and fight back! Collect gold piles. Win the day for you and all humanity! Defeat all the bugs that have infested the level and capture ...

Shareware  3,389k 810 TMFX Studios
Scudden Death 2

Scudden Death 2

Scudden Death 2 is a real-time 2D war game. You can play singleplayer missions and multiplayer splitscreen. The game has got 75 predefined missions, and you can even add additional levels and missions created by yourself or others, and generate random missions on the fly, ...

Shareware  9,658k 981 Domenic Team
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